The Artistic Me...

I am an Australian Artist based in Melbourne with many years of experience in painting and drawing. As a child my passion was drawing, painting and creative arts in general.

I have many artworks throughout Australia and Internationally.

My signature artworks are my Abstracts/Contemporary Art.  I was honoured and privileged to have one of my Contemporary artworks 'Autumn Spirit' nominated for the 'Undine Autumn Landscape Award' by the prestigious Victorian Artists Society in East Melbourne. (12/04/2016)

 I have had many commissions for artworks throughout Australia and Internationally.  My artworks are detailed and colourful and reflect the essence of the subject or inspiration.

Since 1995, I have been a member of the Victorian Artists' Society and Banyule Arts; and since 2015 the Heidelberg Artists Society and the Contemporary Artists Society and the Victorian Pastel Artists Society since 2016.

My passion to paint has given me the opportunity to exhibit in many Art Shows since 1991, such as the: Victorian Artists' Society; Heidelberg Artists SocietyUrban Crafter, Fitzroy; Argyle on the Park, Maroochydore, Queensland; Camberwell Rotary; Ivanhoe Girls Grammar; Alphington Grammar; Loyola College;  Parade College and Banyule Art Shows just to mention a few.

My other passions are photography and travelling. I use my photos as inspiration and reference for my paintings and prefer to meet my Art subjects.


Various examples of my works can be viewed on Facebook and my website:

For further enquiries and commissioned artworks or limited edition prints, please forward your e-mail to:

My Career Journey...

In 1979, I graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Arts and a view to work as an Archaeologist/Prehistorian. During my course I participated in a number of archaeological digs and assisted in the establishment of the Archaeological Museum at La Trobe University. I continued to pursue my passion for archaeology by volunteering as a guide at the Melbourne Museum for various exhibitions including the ‘Gold of the Pharaoh’s Exhibition’ in 1990.

In 1980, I graduated from La Trobe University with a Diploma of Education and started my career as a Secondary Teacher in Maths and Science and later in Information Technology.

From 1981 through to 2007, I held various teaching and leadership roles in a number of Melbourne Secondary Schools.

In 1997, I graduated from Melbourne University with a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology, and in 2000, I gained an Advanced Diploma in Workplace Assessment & Training.

In 2007, I was appointed Schools' ICT Provisioning Manager for the Department of Education and Training Victoria and managed the Teacher and Principal Notebook Program and the Technical Support to Schools Program.

In 2012, I retired to pursue my many passions: family; painting; drawing; travel; photography; gardening and fishing.

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